Services & Fees

Welcome to the pinnacle of bespoke travel experiences. At Vacationisms, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled luxury travel services tailored to your every desire. From exclusive access to the world’s most coveted destinations to personalized itineraries crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our mission is to elevate your journey to extraordinary heights. Below, explore our comprehensive range of services and transparent fee structure, designed to ensure that every aspect of your luxury travel experience exceeds your expectations.


Here’s what you can expect from us:


Complimentary Consultation

We recognize the unique needs of each client, underscoring the importance of ensuring a suitable match. To facilitate this, we extend a complimentary consultation to all prospective clients upon request. Should you wish to arrange a preliminary phone call prior to engaging Vacationisms, you may conveniently schedule an appointment online via this link.


Custom Vacation Planning

Each of our clients enjoys a fully tailored vacation experience. Acknowledging the diversity inherent in travel preferences, we refrain from offering pre-set packages. Instead, we meticulously craft your itinerary with a personalized touch, guaranteeing the most memorable experiences and highest value. Depart with confidence, assured that no detail has been overlooked.

Expert Coordination

Based in New Hampshire, our team of travel consultants serves clients across the nation, specializing in luxury vacations to premier destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Through strategic partnerships with exclusive suppliers, we prioritize delivering unparalleled experiences to our clients. Please note that we do not facilitate bookings for Disney, cruises, or domestic travel.

Reservation Management

Every travel experience arranged by our consultants encompasses comprehensive reservation management. Our team diligently monitors reservations for any alterations, promptly notifying you and offering suitable adjustments as needed. Furthermore, we extend dedicated support throughout your journey, assisting with airfare, accommodations, and tour operator arrangements before, during, and after your travels, as required.


Personal Proposals

Our travel consultants meticulously craft detailed proposals tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. Each proposal encompasses a professional assessment of destinations, flight options, accommodations, ground transportation, and all necessary components to facilitate a seamless travel experience. Leveraging our extensive experience and relationships with travel suppliers, we offer valuable insider insights to enhance your journey.

Group Travel Planning

Whether you’re envisioning a destination wedding, coordinating a group gathering of friends, family, or colleagues, or organizing a specialized retreat for a special interest group such as fitness enthusiasts, golfers, scuba divers, or pickleball players, we are at your service. Our comprehensive group services alleviate the burden of planning, allowing you to relax and enjoy alongside your fellow travelers. From conceptualization to individual billing, we manage every aspect of your group experience with precision and care.

Personalized Itineraries

Each of our travel consultants offers a personalized, detailed itinerary tailored to your preferences. This itinerary is conveniently accessible in .pdf format via email and is also provided through a secure online client portal, ensuring real-time updates throughout your journey.

Change Support

We recognize that unforeseen circumstances can arise, leading to changes in travel plans. Rest assured, our team is here to assist. For travel experiences arranged by our advisors, we will manage any cancellations or modifications on your behalf, alleviating the stress and inconvenience for you.

Insurance Claims

We highly recommend obtaining travel insurance for your peace of mind. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, our team offers claims assistance to help facilitate the process. We will assist you in submitting your claims and liaise with the insurance company on your behalf, saving you valuable time. Please note that the extent of our assistance may vary depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance carrier.

Fee Schedule

(updated 3/1/2024)


Vacation Research & Design

The service package comprises a custom-designed proposal featuring three personalized recommendations in the initial quote stage, with an additional quote provided after adjustments, for a maximum of nine travelers.

Our services also include reservations for your tours and excursions, provision of a .pdf version of the itinerary complete with schedule details, an electronic version accessible through our secure client portal, and round-the-clock emergency assistance for your peace of mind.

Please note that fees are subject to adjustment for complex planning requirements.




Group Vacation Research & Design

For groups consisting of 10 or more individuals, our service offering encompasses three initial options presented in the quote, with the flexibility to provide up to two additional options following adjustments.

Furthermore, our comprehensive package includes a custom booking portal tailored specifically for your group, along with a .pdf version of the itinerary featuring detailed schedules. Additionally, you will have access to an electronic version of the itinerary through our secure client portal. Limited coordination services with an on-site event planner are also included to further streamline your group’s experience.

Please be advised that fees may be subject to adjustment based on the size of the group and the complexity of the arrangements.



Special Event Research & Design

For special occasions such as destination weddings, corporate events, retreats, and other gatherings, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs. We provide three initial options within the quote, with the flexibility to offer up to two additional options after adjustments as necessary.

Our comprehensive package includes a custom booking portal specifically designed for your group, along with a detailed .pdf version of the itinerary featuring schedules. Additionally, you will have access to an electronic version of the itinerary through our secure client portal. We also offer limited coordination services with an on-site event planner to ensure seamless execution of your event.

Please note that fees may vary depending on the size of the group and the complexity of the arrangements.