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At Vacationisms, we know that our community thrives thanks in large part to our local schools and non-profit organizations. We launched our Vacation Give Back program because we believe it takes a village.

Open to all New England based non-profit organizations and schools, our Vacation Give Back program is designed to help your association raise money, easily and while having some fun, to keep your mission funded.

Fundraising is a crucial part of any school or non-profit organization’s success.

It shouldn’t be (but often is) seen as an inconvenience, something to reluctantly get involved with or a less meaningful side of the job than the delivery of your objectives. With our exclusive Vacation Give Back program, we make it a little more fun and a little less work.

This isn’t your ordinary fundraising idea.

Our exclusive Vacation Give Back fundraising program is unique, in several ways:

  1. Average A Higher Donation Per Person With a return of up to 2% of the vacation purchase price, your organization will receive an average of over $100 per booking.
  2. There’s An Easier Way To Fundraise This program sells itself – your target audience is likely already booking vacations every year. Given the opportunity to support your organization at the same time, it’s a no-brainer.
  3. We Don’t Mark Up A Donation Up to 2% of the advertised vacation sale price is donated back to your organization from Vacationisms Worldwide Travel. By not building it into the price, we’re able to keep vacation package pricing competitive.
  4. Repeat Opportunities Most of our Vacations Give Back fundraising programs are run multiple times a year to capture different opportunities. People get sick of buying popcorn, and they only need so many magazines, but vacations are taken year round.

Kick off the excitement with a vacation expo.

Start your booking period with a bang! Vacationisms will host an expo at your place or ours with our resort, cruise and tour partners to kick off your fundraiser. Your invitees will get an exclusive look behind the scene of the most popular vacation destinations and exclusive booking offers from representatives of options like Sandals & Beaches Resorts, Hard Rock Hotels, Norwegian Cruise Line, Funjet Vacations, and many more!

It’s a real party – and an invaluable opportunity to plan some amazing vacations while raising money for your organization.

Keep the party going online.

Online fundraising is invaluable – so we give you a custom webpage to allow vacation bookings to roll in from near or far. Open for the duration of your booking period, all vacations booked online qualify for the total revenue of your Vacation Give Back fundraising program. There’s no end to how your organization can promote this fundraising tool via social media, direct mail and so much more!

Fundraise like you mean it.

Your booking period can be up to 30 days long. Any vacation confirmed during this time period qualifies – but the vacation doesn’t have to happen, or even be paid in full, immediately! Most vacations can be booked with a small deposit, as little as $50 per person, and final payment won’t be due until 60 days prior to travel. This means endless opportunities to book a year’s worth of vacations that all qualify under your fundraising program!

Not just a vacation, we’ll book the best vacation, ever.

We’re the vacation experts. This means no one will be sorting through hundreds of options, clicking book and crossing their fingers – we’re in the business of playing matchmakers so everyone booking their vacation during your fundraiser gets their own personal vacation pro making sure the resort or cruise is the best for them and that they get the best value for their dollar. Buh-bye to hours of reading reviews, hello to a travel agent who will give the scoop from firsthand experience.

You need fresh, new school fundraising ideas.

Many struggle with school fundraising ideas – running the same programs, year after year with little or no growth. Let’s switch it up a bit. Your students are traveling with their families over holiday, winter and spring breaks anyway – now, they can book their vacations while raising money for their school! Toss aside the old school fundraising ideas and take advantage of a program that benefits both your school and your students.

We don’t limit the Vacation Give Back program to school wide efforts – raise money for your club, class trip, prom… Anything you need!

Raise money for your sports team.

Need new uniforms? Help getting to the national competition? We’ve got your back. With the Vacation Give Back Program, your sports team fundraising ideas are kicked out of the park with year round opportunities. Sports club fundraising ideas can be a tough thing for a seasonal need but with sports fundraising programs that run year round, your team has a better earning opportunity – and a higher average donation!

Class trip fundraising ideas, for the best trip ever.

If you’re fresh out of class trip fundraising ideas, let’s talk about how the Vacation Give Back program gives you double the impact. Run your class trip fundraiser and get up to 2% like the normal program, PLUS: we’ll kick in a bonus 2% off the total price when you book your class trip with us. Savings + Fundraising + Vacation Experts = the best class trip, ever.

Non profit fundraising, made so much easier.

Nonprofit fundraising is a full time job in itself – so let’s make it easier. Our exclusive Vacation Give Program is a popular fundraising tool for nonprofits seeking out a fresh idea that will get money pouring in. Include a vacation expo in your next gala event to kick off your booking period!

Church fundraisers, brought to a whole new level.

Church fundraising ideas don’t have to be boring – bring a whole new level of excitement by adding the Vacation Give Back program to your church fundraising plan. Planning a mission trip? Double your church fundraiser by running a Vacation Give Back program and we’ll also give you a 2% discount on the mission trip travel costs.