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Frequently Asked Questions

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So, you’ve never worked with an agent before?

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If you have never worked with a travel agent before you may want to know what we are all about. Here are some of the top questions that we receive about our business regularly:

Q: Well, how much will using a travel agent cost me?

A: Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. FREE. You won’t have to pay us a thing for our planning and negotiation services. Limited exceptions: airfare only and some large or extensive groups.

Q: Excuse me?!  Why is Vacationisms free? How do your agents get paid?

A: As a general practice, we pass no fees on to our clients. There are some exceptions to this rule (air only ticketing, large groups and events, etc) but in most cases, we charge no fees. In an effort to increase the value of your travel, our travel agents reduce fees where we can. In most cases we charge no fees but there are a few exceptions when it comes to air only tickets, deposits on large groups for events and a few more less frequent exceptions that will be discussed as needed pertaining to your needs.

Q: You’re telling me you work for free?

A: No, we certainly don’t work for free- you just aren’t the one paying us! You can read a little more about how that works in the travel industry here.

Our agents don’t work for free either. In most cases, it’s the travel suppliers that will provide us with compensation for every trip. Fun fact: you’re already paying for this compensation whether you reap the rewards of a travel agent or book it yourself online – these commissions are included in the base price of a trip and paid out from the hotel, cruise and airline companies. They don’t affect the price of your trip and make sure that our travel agents can continue planning great trips!

Q: Now that we got that settled, what do you do exactly?

A: We do a lot. Choosing our travel agency to book your travel takes all of the work out of your vacation. We do your research, planning, coordination and make sure you are getting the best value possible. Most importantly, we play matchmaker for you. You tell us what you’re after, we tell you what meets all of your hopes and dreams. Easy peasy, right?

Each one of our travel agents has experience in our industry and their own additional specialty. You give us our requirements and your budget and we will do all of the legwork to help prepare options for the trip of your dreams. Then we negotiate the best possible price and extras that you can get out of a trip. We really are interested in getting you the best possible deal and remaining one of the most competitive ways to book a trip.

Q: Any other fun facts for me?

A: Super cool- usually, you can book your trip with us with just a small deposit instead of paying in full at time of booking. $250-$500 can generally lock down your reservation and protect you from price increases. Final payment isn’t due until within 45-90 days of travel. We will chat more specifics as we go along and they relate to your personal travel plans.

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